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Hide and Seek

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"I contacted Frankie for help setting up a new website for our family's 'sideline' business, having been inspired by a social media post of hers I saw about such businesses. From the outset, she was enthusiastic about what could be done, questioning and advising us through a series of consultations and communications.


I was very impressed with what she produced for us in a relatively short space of time, and the trouble she took to tweak the design and to make things as we wanted. She also guided me on how to make simple edits, enabling me to populate additional website pages with images and text at my own pace.


In the past, I have used an employer's own CMS and also WordPress, however, I found Wix very easy to use for adding/tweaking content, and the free image library is a big bonus.


We are very happy with the online presence Frankie has created for our business, and I feel confident taking the site forward now, knowing also that I can contact her for additional paid time as might be needed. I would highly recommend Frankie's website services to anyone looking for an affordable and manageable website solution."

Karen Wisdom, Circle of Life Special Occasion Stationery

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